Created during a 36-hour period at HackWestern 2 (best end-to-end integration), AuthFID is a dedicated device with a touch screen that allows fast, secure, and easy access to two factor authentication codes. Users are authenticated to the device via an RFID card, and tapping on the visible code will type it in on the computer for you - this process takes less than 2 seconds, 5 times less than what would occur through a normal process.



FAIght is an educational "game" where users submit AIs to play Connect 4 verses other users' AIs. This project uses React.js, Node.js, Firebase, and Java. It was created in under 24 hours at MaseyHacks III (2nd place, best game).



HNotifier is an app designed to make it easy for hackathon organizers to communicate with participants. Utilizing the Ionic Framework, and Java, this was created in under 24 hours at MasseyHacks II (best developer tool).



AirCheck-NG is a webapp which allows for the reporting of, and viewing of air-quality related health symptoms. Additionally, it fetches up-to-date weather data, presenting extreme weather, and the health symptoms together in a organized and logical fashion. This was created in under 36-hours for the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016.



StudyHub is a web application that allows students to organize their works, connect to their peers, and make them more productive in learning. This project is built with AngularJS, Laravel (PHP MVC framework), Bootstrap, MySQL, and jQuery.


Project Ascension

Project Ascension is an open-source, community-based, game launcher, which aims at unifying various services like Steam, Origin, uPlay, together. The client is written in C++ with the Qt library.


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