Windows Dev Environment

Tue May 17 2016 01:19:30 GMT+0000 (UTC)

I have been spending quite a lot of time recently setting up a nice development environment on Windows, so I'd thought I'd document my setup for myself in the future or anyone stumbling upon this post.


So C:/Dev is where everything Dev related is going to be. I haven't cleaned mine up all the way yet, but it looks like this right now.

  • Libraries is where C++ libs are stored right now, like Boost and OpenSSL
  • Projects is just all the projects that I'm working on, excluding web ones, which go in Web/www for nginx
  • Tools is where nginx, node, conemu, and other programs are stored.
  • All other folders are programs that should be moved to Tools soon.


I'm currently using ConEmu as my terminal emulator, replacing cmd. I also have a cygwin task set up so I have easy access to my cygwin shell, which isn't used too frequently.

For Web Development, I'm using:

  • nginx, configured to use C:/Dev/Web for things
  • php
  • mariadb
  • node, not installed with installer, but just the individual node.exe with npm compiled myself

I also have the bin directories of these tools in my PATH, as well as a bin directory for random scripts or executable.

Emacs (check spacemacs out!) is used sometimes for C/C++ dev, although Visual Studio is used for Qt projects right now, and CLion for competitive programming. I'm using the MinGW compiler with CLion and for Emacs' auto-complete.

That's about it for now. Basically, many tools aren't installed in Program Files anymore since it clutters things up in my opinion.

I still think Linux is awesome though!